Heallthy You Challenge Update – 01/29/08

Normally, I’m not able to post during the day, but I’m working at home this afternoon (me and the Sears repairman), and I realized I hadn’t taken a break since I walked in the door! Whew!

Okay, this week’s progress:
1) I’m a happy girl. No specific reason, just happy.
2) My new gym finally opened, and I went both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday morning I had the whole place to myself. It was wonderful.
3) I’m making minor progress with the water. I finally realized I was not approaching the solution in true tippy toe fashion–small, incremental changes. So for now my focus is on getting 4 glasses of water each day, minimum. We’ll add more in a few weeks.
4) I’m at 930 minutes on my cardio challenge. I should make my goal with about 30 minutes to “rollover” to February.
5) That nasty scale showed me at a 1-pound gain for the week! Boo hiss! If I’d actually *had* 3500 extra calories to enjoy during the week, I wouldn’t be miffed at all, but considering I did pretty well exercise and food-wise, I’m chalking it up to water weight, muscle weight, or a governmental conspiracy.

Have a happy and healthy week everyone!