Healthy You Challenge 01/22/08

A positive report for my 2nd week on the Healthy You Challenge:
1) I’m at the 750-minute mark on my personal cardio challenge. Only 250 minutes to go, and ten days to do it. Well, nine days, because I’ll take a rest day on Thursday. Since February is a short month, I’ve decided to allow myself “rollover minutes” from January. Everything over 1000 cardio minutes for January rolls to February. That should keep me pushing!
2) I changed training facilities last night, and it was my first time to weigh on a new scale. According to the new beast, I’ve lost 66.6 pounds. (Hope that’s not an omen, though it might explain my mood. *G*) Who knows if it’s an actual weight loss, or just a different scale. We’ll know more next week. Meanwhile, I’ll keep exercising and eating healthier and the scale will do what it will do.

Focus for the next week:
1) Water, water, every day – I’ve got to get better at consistency.
2) Home organization – I still believe my clutter tendencies and my weight are somehow linked, so I’m working on both this week.
3) Walking and walking and walking….
4) Continue to be grateful for the tremendous support and energy created in this network.