Healthy You Challenge Update

My first week as a part of the Healthy You Challenge, and I’m amazed at how much good energy simply joining the challenge created. I joined over the weekend, just after receiving thought-it-was-bad-but-it-really-wasn’t news, and it really helped me stay on track. Thanks to everyone who has stopped in so far. I truly appreciate it! I haven’t checked out ALL the blogs on the roll, but I’ll get there.

My progress report:
Weight: if I did the math right, I’m down 1.5 pounds last week for a total of 64.4 pounds overall. (As you will learn, my approach is not exactly scientific.)
Nutrition: I continue to eat a healthier diet. Still too many processed foods, but I’ll deal with that later. For now, I’m still just focusing on fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and avoiding the Little Debbie aisle.
Exercise: I tippy-toed across the 500-minute mark (503) in my goal for 1000 cardio minutes in January (thus passing my cardio output for the entire year 2006). Today will be a rest day as my toesies are tired. My first no-exercise day of the year!
NSV: Didn’t fall victim to the emotional upheaval of the weekend. I just took a deep breath, got on the treadmill, and kept going.
This and that: Cleaned out kitchen cabinets (decluttering), joined the HYC (trying new things), and blogged almost everyday (focus).

All things considered, not a bad week a’tall.