An Imperfect 10

I had another “first” today. First time I bought a pair of size 10 pants. They’re stretchy and they’re cheap, but by golly, they’re a size 10. I suspect my “real” size is still somewhere between 12 and 14, but in this brand, in this style, size 10 was what worked. Considering that I started in a size 20-22, I’m a little bit pleased with any size that starts with a “1”. :)

To celebrate this minor partial victory, I decided on a treat when I went to the grocery story: real strawberries! A whole pound of them and they’re all mine. I would have also treated myself to fresh watermelon, but it was looking a bit mushy. At $4/pound, mushy watermelon will not do.

And so I have fresh strawberries waiting for me, post-cardio workout tonight. I’ll drizzle a teaspoon of fat-free Hershey’s syrup on my plate, and then dip 5 or 6 of the red beauties in the chocolate yumminess. Tomorrow morning I’ll slice a few in my Banana Nut Fiber cereal, and later I’ll be trying a new tofu-smoothie recipe a friend gave me. After that, I’ll probably use them snack-ishly, one-by-one, until they’re gone. Maybe I’ll do something this week that will provoke another Healthy Indulgence.

Without jeopardizing my size 10, 12, or 14 figure, that is. 😀

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  1. Just found your blog today…and just starting my tweaking! 2 questions…are strawberries not good on a regular basis, AND why is soy or almond milk healthier than skim? Thanks!