Like Any Old Sunday

And it was. Today was just like any old gray January Sunday. A few nerves because of the training dilemma, but nothing overwhelming. All things considered, the entire weekend was a thumbs up.

I joined a fitness challenge group (no longer active), which looks like it will be fun, and there seems to be a healthy focus on non-scale victories as well as the numbers. We know how I feel about that, so it felt like a good fit.

I think simply joining the group helped me through this weekend. When I posted the button in my sidebar and previewed it, that big 60 kind of jumped out at me. Wow. I’m over the 60 pound mark. I really am. Kind of hard to go for a cheeseburger after seeing that. :)

And that was my weekend. I’ll hit the 500 mark on cardio tomorrow, and I think I will declare Tuesday a cardio rest day. My toes have earned the break.

I hope anyone reading has a healthy and happy week ahead.