Meme Follow-up

That was fun; thanks so much for playing!

Here are my answers, embarrassing as some of them are:
1. I have 30 books on my to-be-read shelf. (Sad, but true. I didn’t realize there were that many until I actually counted. Ironically, the book at the top of the stacks is titled, Getting Things Done.)
2. I love turnips! (I lied. I despise turnips. In fact, I loathe most cooked vegetables. I’ll eat almost any raw veggies, but get them near heat and I’m out of there.)
3. Although I’ve lived in Memphis my entire life, I’ve only been to Graceland once and then only to tour the garden. (True. I grew up in the Graceland area, and when Elvis was alive, we would always look up at the house, wondering if he was there. Now, we’re pretty sure of it.*g*)
4. I love to shop at thrift stores and flea markets. (True. Since I’m going on my third new wardrobe in eight months, I’m especially enjoying finding clothes in thrift shops. When I undergrow this size range, I’m out $50 for a week’s worth of clothing.)
5. My favorite color is red. (Yes! For most of my life, blue was my fave, but about ten years ago I started noticing how much energy I have when I have bits of red around me. Now I have something red in every room of my house and in my office at work.)
6. I collect Sharpie markers. (True. It is a pathetic obsession, but colorful.)

And that’s that! :)