This and That

Interesting Fitness Articles from Here and There…

Mayor puts Oklahoma City on a diet. Yep, the whole city. I wish Memphis had a mayor like that.

Americans Opt for Healthy Eating, Not Diets. Whatever you do, don’t tell the people in Oklahoma City. In all seriousness, this statement is what jumped out at me:

The most popular diet was one dieters made up for themselves — helped by more detailed nutritional labels on packaged foods and a plethora of guides to slimming down.

That’s what I’ve done, with help from the folks at On that site, I entered my health and fitness goals, and they gave me a daily calorie range along with a recommended breakout of protein, carbs, fats, and other nutritional categories. From there, I’ve just done my best to meet those targets. (Did I mention that sparkpeople is free?)

Bonding at the Bench Press. This is something that concerns me. At some point this spring, I’ll quit working with the trainers and start going to the gym. I worry that I won’t have the same drive I have now, and I wonder how easy/hard it will be to find a “fitness buddy” or some equivalent for that social connection. I met the owner of my gym-that-has-yet-to-open, and he said he’d be calling soon with the opening date. Maybe I’ll mention this article to him, and see if he can put together some sort of meet-and-greet.

Personal notes: I’m at the 223 minute mark in my quest for 1000 cardio minutes in January. That’s just about where I should be, but I’ll have to have an off day this week. Ack! That time has to be made up somewhere.

Today, I finally gave in to my extreme craving for a Burger King Whopper Jr. with Cheese. The nearest BK is 1.5 miles away, so I walked there and back. Ah, sweet justification!