Healthy You Challenge 02/19/08

Another week, and oh what a week! The flu is not fun, but I’m happy to report that it is survivable!

If you’ll look to the right of the screen (and you may want to put on sunglasses first to avoid the shiny glare) is my brand new badge! That’s right, I tippy-toed across the 70-pound mark! Given the large amounts of orange juice (Simply Orange – medium pulp) I was drinking last week, along with the relative lack of exercise, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a small gain or even a flat spot. But that didn’t happen! So off we go in pursuit of the next new shiny. Four more pounds!

Exercise was pretty much a bust for most of last week, but I did limp to the 600-minute mark on cardio. I may not make the 1000-minute goal, but it won’t be because I didn’t make a good try for it. I suspect it will cut into my blogging time, so please bear with me…

Finally, I’m doing much better on drinking water now. Most days I make the 8-glass goal without a problem; at minimum, I’m getting half that amount daily. Ah, progress!

Hope you all have most marveleous week!