Healthy You Challenge – 02/26/08

Wow, another week zips past! It was a pretty good one for me:
1) I hit all my exercise goals and even made it through 882 minutes of my1000 minute cardio goal. I might just make the goal after all. Then again, my body is NOT happy that we haven’t had our rest day, so I may have to pamper the silly thing and take a day off. (I keep telling it, “We restedf or 40+ years!”, but it doesn’t always listen.)
2) Mostly-healthy eating continues. I doubt I’ll ever make it to healthfood maniac, but I have definitely reformed.
3) To my complete and utter astonishment, the scale went fickle the other way this week, and I showed a 3-lb. loss! That makes a total of 74 lbs.gone! While I’m grateful, I’m not preparing my side panel for a new badge just yet. It would not surprise me at all to have a flat week or even a small gain next week. (Or perhaps a huge gain if the product placement people don’t quit putting pizzas on every channel.*G*)

No new goals, really, except to get back into the swing of decluttering the house now that the pesky flu is gone. My father’s men’s club at church is having a rummage sale, and that has really inspired me to re-evaluate some of the items I’d previously held onto because they were “too good to just give away.” Never mind that I’m not actually using or enjoying them.*Sigh.* I never said I was bright. :) Anyway, somehow the knowledge that the men’s club will benefit from the sale of these items seems to have unlocked a hoarding mechanism in my brain, and many items are on their way O-U-T.

Oh, and Susie asked about a new photo. I hope to have one soon! I have to take new photos for my work ID and career profile database. Those are usually head shots, but I’ll ask someone to snap one in a head-to-tippy toe view.

I’m planning to have a marvelous week, and I hope all of you are, too! The only problem with trying to be all healthy and organized is that it takes up valuable blog-reading time. Please know that I’m wishing you well, and while I might not get to your blog today, I’ll catch up with you sometime this week!