Healthy You Challenge Update – 02/04/08

Wow, these Tuesdays do roll around quickly, don’t they? So, let’s see how it went:
1) Big NSV in getting rid of my too-big clothes. In fact, I’m claiming it as a victory on two fronts: weight loss and clutterbugishness.
2) Great workouts, but a little bit of slugginess on the cardio. I’m taking an off-exercise day today, which I’m hoping is the response my body is looking for. I’ll use the workout time to declutter…something. *sigh* So many opportunities, so little time….
3) Despite a splurge meal with my family on Saturday, the scale budged a little! I’m at -68.4 pounds, which I consider amazing given the number of carbs consumed at said family meal. I’m going to push hard for -70 next week! Oh, the drama, the excitement….

I’m looking forward to using some of my off-day time to check on your progress. I hope you had a great week and that this one is shaping up nicely, too!