Healthy You Challenge Update – 02/12/08

Since I missed my workout last night due to this flu thing, I didn’t get to have an official weigh-in. The unofficial ones last week showed me over the -70 mark, but I’m going to wait until I weigh in on Thursday to claim a shiny new badge. It will be interesting to see what my body does with this illness. Given the way I feel and what I’ve experienced the last few days, I would expect to be down another five pounds or more, but I know that the body manages calories differently when it’s ailing. I’ll be happy if I maintain the same weight.

As far as healthy eating, I’m trying to stay focused on fruits (mainly caloric-but-oh-so-wonderful-on-my-throat orange juice) and fluids. The only “danger” food in the house right now is peanut butter, which is tasting salt-ily delicious to me. I’m doling it out a tablespoon at a time on my skinny bread. I think I’m okay on calories, but to be honest, I’m just not sweating it. My body’s doing enough of that on its own. :)

On the exercise front, I’ve reached Minute #412 in my 1000 cardio minutes for February challenge. Go me! I hope to get back to it really, really soon!

Okay, back to the sick bed (which I’m starting to despise). I hope you all had a great week, and most especially, that you’re healthy!