I Dare You

Last night I crossed over my 1,000 cardio minute mark, and I’ll be rolling over an extra 28 minutes to February. I have another 1,000 cardio minute goal for February, so the “headstart” is especially welcome in such a short month.

One of the fundamentals in goal-setting is to figure out how to make it fun. Challenging myself, daring myself to reach a certain mark or milestone is invigorating and rewarding. It doesn’t matter if other, fitter, people achieve my monthly goals on a weekly basis. These goals are all stretches for me at this time, and chasing them is a great motivator. On the days when I just want to fall into bed when I get home, I remember the challenge and how good it feels to be successful. To win.

So, I’m planning for a February repeat–the two missing days be damned–and I will, of course, be rewarding myself. If I achieve 1,000 cardio minutes in February, I will win…a shiny new bicycle! Probably not the bicycle of my dreams (a leetle expensive), but one that will get me out and about this spring!

Anyone care to join me? Build a February challenge for yourself, one that will get you off the couch, or away from the potato chips, when you’d really just rather…not? A challenge that, once achieved, will have you anticipating the next one even before you’ve captured your reward for the first? C’mon, it’ll be fun.

I dare you.

I double dog dare you. :-)