Letting Go

For months now, I’ve been piling up clothes that no longer fit. Most were clothes from my largest days, but some were “interim” clothes. I’ve hesitated to take that final step of letting them go (they’ll be taking so much more with them than fibers), but today is The Day. When Goodwill opens at noon, I will be there.

Me, and my six hefty bags of too-big clothes.
clothes  to goodwill

For the record:
2 full- length coats
14 cardigans/sweaters
15 pairs of shorts
50 pairs of pants
90+ shirts/blouses

What’s especially sad is that I still have about 40 blouses and a dozen or so pairs of pants to take to a resale shop in a few weeks.

Next up on my lifestyle change agenda is frugality. Until then, I’ll focus on the imagined happy faces of too-large women shopping at Goodwill over the next few weeks.