Should've Taken That Flu Shot After All

I never quite got around to getting the flu vaccine this year, and I think I might be paying for it now. Every inch of my skin hurts. My hair hurts.

It occurred to me this afternoon that I’ve never had an illness while I’ve been changing over to this healthier lifestyle, and I have to tell you that laying in provisions isn’t nearly as much fun without snack cakes and potato chips. No, my comfort foods of choice this time around are orange juice, sugar free hot cocoa, and vanilla-chai tea. (I don’t know how the tea and I are going to do, but I thought it was worth a try.)

I’ve been surfing around for some flu-diet advice, and I found what looks to me (the lay person) as pretty sound advice. I especially liked that the author suggested moderate exercise in the case of moderate illness:

The first thing many people give up when they are ill is exercise, but mild exertion can be very beneficial when recovering from the flu. Naturally, individuals who are very weak or suffering harsh cases should conserve their strength as much as possible, but brief bouts of gentle exercise can stimulate blood flow. This will help flush even more toxins from the body, as well as help the patient regain their strength and stamina more quickly. Exercises that individuals recovering from the flu might want to attempt are:

Short walks – no hikes or jogging, and if walking outdoors, clothing should be appropriate.
Yoga – the stretches and poses can gently help recondition the body.
Swimming – light exertions in a buoyant environment can be refreshing.

The mental effects of light exercise can also be beneficial as the flu sufferer sees their recovery progress and allows time for their bed to be aired and cleaned while they exercise. Exercise periods, however, should be brief and not strain the patient’s recovery.

This explains why I felt a teensy bit better this afternoon when I walked down to the deli for a turkey sandwich. I made the trip (a little less than a mile all together) just fine, but crashed when I got home. After a half-hour I woke up, wondering why I was so uncomfortable and realized I’d fallen asleep with my sneakers on. :) So maybe I’ll leave the walks alone for a bit.

I’m going to cancel my workout for tomorrow night, which means I won’t have an official weigh-in for Tuesday. Bummer, because the sneak peak last Thursday night had me in a Very Good Position. :) Oh well, hopefully this will pass fairly quickly (Please, God…) and I’ll get good news on Thursday when I weigh in with the trainers.