True Confessions: Bonehead Diet Moves

While commenting on a post on Chai in the Sky the other day, I was reminded of the old Ayds diet products from the 1970s. They were appetite suppressant “candies” that came in all sorts of flavors. The idea was that the dieter would eat one or two of these candies before a meal with a glass of water to inhibit the appetite. It worked! Sometimes. :) Of course, now I know that the water was the inhibitor. A little wisdom is a wonderful thing.

Through the years, most of my diet attempts have been some variation of a healthy eating plan, usually Weight Watchers. The lone exception was a stint with a diet “doctor” in the early 80s. I was around 20 years old, and probably 40 pounds overweight. I was also missing about that many IQ points, apparently, because I took pills this doctor prescribed without even really questioning their merit or potential side effects. I know that one pill was a diuretic, one was a laxative, one was a vitamin, and one was a “metabolism booster”. It’s that last one that concerns me now. I suspect it was ephedrine. A few years ago a doctor (a real one) asked me if I had ever taken ephedrine, and my first answer was no. But then I had to backtrack and explain about the diet “doctor” and how I really have no idea what I took.

So now I have a teeny cloud of worry that a bonehead diet stunt from 20+ years ago will cause my aging body a problem in the future. It’s not a prevalent worry, but it will resurface from time to time, I’m sure.

Friends of mine have shared their bonehead diet choices. Some are serious, some are sad, some are laugh-out-loud funny. Nothing but bananas and cheese for a week? Puh-lease! :)

So what’s your biggest bonehead diet move? C’mon, we promise we’re laughing with you, not at you. :)

Thanks to all of you for the well wishes! I think the flu is fading and I’m left with a nasty little cold in its place. I feel like I will survive it!