The Biggest Difference in Building a Smaller Me

Selma asked: What made you successful, when so many of us aren’t? Did you have any sort of revelation early on?

Thanks for the question, Selma! I appreciate the compliment and your interest. I’ve blogged this before, but I welcome the opportunity to harp on it some more. :)

I’m no expert on weight loss or weight management, obviously, but I do think I’ve uncovered a fairly large clue on how to make a lasting lifestyle change. At least, I hope it will be a lasting change. Time will tell, I suppose. Entering the fourth trimester of this rebirthing process, it still feels like it’s taking.

But to your question, there have been lots of tools that have aided my success (having friends and co-workers who make up a brilliant support network, hiring a personal trainer, logging food consumption on sparkpeople, blogging, etc.), but the fundamental difference was that I decided to forget about losing weight and focus on being healthy, and I gave myself time to adapt to the changes that would require. I guess with age comes a certain amount of wisdom, because I finally “got” that overturning a lifetime of bad habits would be a lot easier if I undid them one by one. Or sometimes a couple at a time, depending on the level of complexity. :)

Here’s why I recommend that people at least try this approach: in ten months (or so) of changing, I can honestly report that I have had four full-out feasts–birthday, Thanksgiving and two at Christmas. They were planned and they were spectacular! No binges, no food meltdowns, not a single recrimination. Add to that the fact that I haven’t missed a single workout other than when I had surgery on my feet and then when I had the flu (me, for pity’s sake! Former Queen of the Couch Potatoes!), and you’ll see why I so fervently believe in the process of small, healthy changes over time.

Again, I’m certainly no expert and God forbid I ever come across as some sort of obnoxious know-it-all. My diet is not perfect, nor is my form when I exercise. (Oh, Lord, I hope they don’t have anything on videotape!) But it’s all so very much better than it was, and I’m still fully committed to improving myself even further. In fact, I’m looking forward to it!