Bits and Pieces

Just some newsy link love for today.

Diet Book and c-dizzle are putting together a team for the Susan G. Komen West Virginia Race for the Cure. If you’ve got a few dollars to donate, that would be great. But save some for LoserIrene who is participating in the Revlon Run/Walk For Women in NYC.

Kudos to all these women for stepping out and stepping up!

In other news, Moon ran her second marathon last weekend, and…well, you’ve just got to see the result. Amazing! Congratulations, Ms. Moon!

And finally, a post that hit me where I live(d). Trisha captures so beautifully and poignantly the fears we face, both real and (I suspect) imagined. Those don’t go away easily, on the inside or the outside, until we face them and deal with them. Hats off to Trisha for getting a start on it!

And thus ends my Lois Lane imitation. :)