Healthy You Challenge (9) 03/04/08

Nothing much to report from my end of the world. I weighed in last night and was either the same as last week or up 0.2 pounds. I forgot what I weighed last week, but I can live with where I am now. Literally. :) Also, I met my exercise challenge of 1,000 cardio minutes with a few to spare.

I consider it a successful week.

What follows is rambly and mostly written for myself, but feel free to read on if you think you might find anything useful.

I’ve spent the past couple of days pondering ways to “shake things up” formyself for March. I’ve been feeling a bit bored lately, in that sometimes it feels like all I do is work, work out, and sleep.

Oh, and eat. :) Part of that feeling is bound to be related to the winter blahs, and partof it is because I’ve been putting in extra exercise time to compensate for the week I missed with the flu. Something needs to change, but what? What can I tippy-toe into next?

Well, I certainly can’t add more time to my workout schedule. In fact, I’d like to reduce it a bit. Plus, I have a whole list of projects I need to accomplish, with decluttering being at the forefront. I’d like to focus on a different project each month, and also set aside a smidgen of my day for writing fiction.
Ooh, those look like goals! :)
Okay, so those are the goals: less daily workout time, dedicated project time, dedicated fiction time. Applying Tippy-Toe Logic, I now have toquantify them and turn them into something fun, something I feel motivated to do. And that includes a reward! Maybe even multiple rewards!

So here’s what I’m going the plan for March:
3 strength training sessions a week (includes 15 min. cardio)
3 cardio sessions a week, 30 minute minimums
1 mandatory rest day
Reduce the amount of Diet Coke I drink to ‘Meals Only’ No ‘tweeners.
1 decluttering session every day, minium 15 minutes

Fiction Writing:
1 writing session every day, minimum 15 minutes

Now for the fun part: rewards! As you may or may not know, I set a 2500-minute reward for my cardio minutes as a piece of strawberry cake.

strawberry cake
That’s the only real splurge I have; anything else gets worked into my daily eating plan. The problem is that on my current reward schedule, that would be one splurge every 3 months or so, and frankly, I deserve better. :) So the new reward plan incorporates diet, exercise, projects AND writing.

All my worlds tied neatly together. ::happy sigh::

Cardio minutes are still 1 point each (no daily maximum) That’s no different from what I’m doing now. What is different is that I’m adding points for water, which will be worth 1 point for each 8-oz. glass (8 points daily maximum). Also, IF I meet my daily exercise goals, I can now add minutes to the reward goal for decluttering and writing: 1 point for each minute actively pursuing those objectives, with a 15 minute daily point cap for each.

One penalty item has also been added for drama and effect. :) For each “unauthorized” Diet Coke I drink, I will add 10 minutes to the 2,500-point target. One extra Diet Coke raises the goal to 2,510 points, two takes it to 2,520 points, and so on. You have to understand how much I really want this piece of cake to know how motivating the penalty possibility will be. (And yet, it allows me a little wiggle room for going out with friends and such.)

I think this approach will put a little zip into things and keep me focused on exactly what my goals are for the month. It encourages exercise first, which I like, but takes away the necessity of hour-a-day every day workouts. Plus, it will keep me focused on moving forward in all areas.

And if it doesn’t work, I’ll change it up again next month.