Healthy You Challenge Update – Week 10

The short and sweet (but sugar-free, of course) of it:
1) Blue Jeans!
2) Serious Diet Coke reduction, which translates to a serious increase in water intake. I’m getting 8+ glasses of water a day, every day.
3) Diet and exercise were good this week, kind of ‘same old, same old’, but I could stand to watch my calories a bit more closely. I think getting into Spring (and out of the house) will help with that a lot.
4) The fickle scale was merciful this week, shooting me past the 75-pound mark to Minus 76! Yep, Cammy’s got a brand new badge. :-)

Goals for this week are to keep an eye on those calories and to continue to play around with interval training. (I’m sort of at the pre-interval level now.)

And that’s my report for this week. Wishing you all a healthy, happy week ahead!

*Updated to indicate the correct week, amidst heavy blushing*