HYC Update – Week 12

Ah, another week rolls around. It’s the time of year when I’m certain–beyond all doubt–that I will never be warm again. Those of you who are still around here in July will see me write fondly of these days when the temps (and the humidity) are in the 90s, but for now I just want to be warm.

Irene tagged me on the 6-word thingie. The idea, as I understand it, is to write a 6-word sentence that describes your life so far. Here’s my entry:

I learned in time to live.

I’ll tag…everybody who hasn’t been tagged so far. :) Let me know your entries!

Check In:
First things first, I have my iPhone! Besides the internet, the mp3 player and the expected phone capabilities, I’ve discovered that it has a camera, a stopwatch, and a timer! It’s a fantastic fitness reward!

Food and exercise continue along the proper paths. My calories are still on the upper end of the desired range most days, but I think the addition of interval training has taken care of those. In fact, I think I needed those calories. One thing I’ve learned on this trip is that you have to eat to lose weight, and the evidence seems to back it up.

The crazy scale showed a 2.8 pound loss this week, for a total of 79.2! I have the sneaky suspicion I got a lucky bounce. :) But, I’ll not look a gift pound in the mouth. Or something like that. This week’s focus will be on moving toward a shiny new badge, and if I have to deal with a bounce the other direction, so be it.

Busy week at work this week, but I hope to catch up on everyone’s progress in a timely fashion. Make no mistake, if you ‘re still here and you’re still fighting, then you’re making progress!