Lazy Blogger Does a Meme

Maybe I should’ve made that ‘Busy Blogger’…Nah, ‘lazy’ fits, too. :)

I’m off work tomorrow, and tonight and tomorrow are dedicated to cleaning and organizing, with the goal of having a Goodwill run on Saturday. (That’s a donation center, for those who may not know.)

But I hated to offer nothing for today, so it seemed a good time to do a meme. I’ve seen this meme on lots of other blogs, but I snagged it specifically from Felicia. :) The idea, I think, is to have all one-word answers:

1. Cellphone: safety
2. Relationship: desired
3. My hair: windblown
4. Work: mortgage
5. My sibling/siblings: broke
6. My favorite thing: iPhone
7. My dream last night: forgotten
8. Favorite drink: soda
9. Dream car: fuelless
10. The room I’m in : office
11. My shoes: Asics
12. My fears: retreating
13. What do I want to be in 10 years: here
14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: myself
15. What I am not good at: math
16. Muffin: top
17. One of my wish list items: bicycle
18. Where I grew up: Memphis
19. Last thing I did: ate
20. Wearing: sweats
21. Not wearing: glasses
22. My pets: none
23. My computer: posessed
24. My life: charmed
25. My mood: relaxed
26. Missing: order
27. What I am thinking about right now: cleaning
28. My car: Vibe
29. My kitchen: dusty
30. My weather: sunny
31. Favorite color: red
32. Last time I laughed: today
33. Last time I cried: today
34. School: basketball (Go Univ of Memphis!)
35. Love: blessing

I challenge you to be a lazy/busy blogger, too!

I’ll be making the rounds of blogs as time permits. That’s my non-food reward for being so industrious and getting some cleaning/organizing projects checked off the to-do list!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!