Healthy You Challenge Update Week 14

It was a little bit of a deja vu moment. When I stepped on the scale tonight, I went through the exact thought process I did on Friday night. Stared down at the result and then thought, Nothing to do now but keep on doing what I’m doing. I actually appreciate the sameness–the routineness–of it. Consistency, that’s the word I’m looking for.

Well, okay, tonight there was one difference. I showed a 1.4 pound loss from last Monday! You know what that means, don’t you? BLING!! I earned my 80 pound badge!

While I did take a moment to savor it, I had to hustle out to my workout. Consistency. I’ve never had a lot of that before. :)

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I offer a glimpse at the difference 80 lbs makes:


These are head shots for my work profile, so you’ll understand why I’m not at my best. :) The photo on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago, just after I’d finished leading a workshop all morning (to explain the somewhat washed-out look *G*). The photo on the left is somewhat embarrassing, but I try to focus on my smile and remember that I was (and am) a mostly good person no matter the size.

(edited to fix photo size)
I thank ALL of you so very much for your amazing support, always, but especially these past few weeks while I truly tippy-toed my way to new bling. We can all exhale now; I think the next one will be a while coming. And that’s okay. Nothing to do but keep on doing what I’m doing. :)

Also a thank you for the well wishes on the dental dilemma. My dentist called in an antibiotic today, and I’m already feeling much relief! I may even sleep!

Fingers crossed that everyone had a successful week, on the scale or beside it!

Go Tigers!