HYC Update Week 13

Happy Tuesday, Boys and Girls,

No new badge bling this week. I am 0.2 pounds closer (0.6 pounds away from that magical 8-0), but…***sob***…I am bling-less. I had a hellacious sneeze during my workout and I wanted so badly to go weigh again just in case that did the trick, but my rule is one weigh-in only. Stupid rule. Stupid scale.

Yes, I can see the positive in that it’s better than being 0.2 pounds the other direction; however, I have to tell you: This Means War!! I will NOT tippy-toe my way to my new bling! I’m pulling out all the stops. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I’m even going to take the drastic step of…preparing some of my own meals! Two, at least.

Take that, you stupid scale!

So, as you can see, a good week overall. :-)

Now I’m off to check in on all of you while I watch The Biggest Loser (my new Tuesday night tradition). I’ll also be compiling my Hot Seat answers, so if you’ve got any questions, tonight’s the night to ask them.

Have a great week, everyone!