HYC Update Week 16

Well, You People have done it now! On and on with your constant motivation and inspiration. Your “Way to Go, Cammy” and your “Keep up the great work!” I hope you’re all very proud of yourselves!

I lost a cup size! How did this happen? I started out a 46C, which I know is too large, but I really just wanted the number to change. The letter was fine. ‘C’ for Cammy. See?

This weekend I tried on a 38C and while the 38 part fit, apparently I have plummeted all the way down to a B cup. I mean, fine. I’m happy about the 38, but was it necessary to take away an entire cup size? And to make matter worse, the bra I tried on was…God, I don’t know if I can say it…padded.

::pause for uncontrollable sobbing::

I couldn’t make myself buy the bra. Not yet.

On the up side *G*, I lost 1.8 pounds last week, for a total of 82.4! I’m pretty sure it was all sweat. Plus, I’m sneezing a lot. And then there’s the whole fiber thing. :)

I’m backsliding a little lot on the water intake, and that’s an area of focus for the coming week. It’s especially important if I’m going to sweat so much in my workouts. I can’t be walking around dehydrated. Probably lose another cup size. ::sniffle::

Oh, and speaking of workouts, I downloaded What I Like About You by The Romantics last week, and it is a FANTASTIC song for the elliptical. I almost catapulted myself right off the silly beast while that song was playing. LOL

Another song I downloaded last week was The Biggest Loser theme song, Proud, by Heather Small. This is a rather cheesy admission, but when I was first kicking off this makeover, I would walk on my treadmill every night until the re-run of Season 2 TBL came on the Style Network. I’d hear that theme music from the other room, and I’d feel a kinship with the contestants–we were all working at bettering ourselves.

I had never really listened to the complete lyrics until Saturday morning at the gym, and I did feel proud. Getting up on a Saturday morning and hitting the gym. Planning a healthy breakfast after my workout. I felt great! Huge smile on my face!

And then I heard this part:
Still so many answers I don’t know
Realise that to question is how we grow
So I step out of the ordinary
I can feel my soul ascending
I am on my way

And suddenly, tears were streaming down my cheeks. For the first time, I think, it dawned on me that I am freaking doing this. I’ve been so focused on putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak, that I hadn’t really taken it all in. I am on my way!

We are all on our way. It’s not always pretty, rarely ever easy, but always moving us toward a better life. I’m truly blessed to be on the journey with you.

Despite your contribution to the loss of my cup size. :)

Happy Monday (or Tuesday), everyone!

(with apologies to Andrew and Jim *G*)