Menu Then, Menu Now

Delusional Gym Manager asked me the other night to tell her a typical day’s menu for me these days. I told her what I’d had the day before, and it wasn’t until I was on the way home that I thought to compare it with what I might have had a year ago or two years ago.

Typical Daily Menu Then
Breakfast: biscuit w/butter and grape jelly or a biscuit with milk gravy
Snack: something from the cafeteria (muffin, maybe) or peanut butter and crackers
Lunch: cheeseburger and fries, or slice of pepperoni pizza and a salad
Snack: oversized cookie or a candy bar
Dinner: maybe a Taco Bell run (2 tacos and an order of nachos) or fish and chips
Snack: chocolate something, or microwave popcorn (whole bag), or both
(probably around 3000 calories or more)

Typical Daily Menu Now (actual from Monday, a strength training day)
breakfast: banana, Fiber One bar (peanut butter and oats)
snack: Fiber One yogurt
lunch: chef salad, tbsp of hummus & salsa (yum!) on a pita wedge
snack: apple, New Balance protein bar
dinner: turkey & pepper jack cheese on whole wheat w/lettuce, tomato, & yellow mustard; 3/4 oz pretzels
snack: watermelon (1/4 cup) and mini-rice cakes (or was it sugar free pudding? I forget.*G*)
(Note: I wouldn’t normally have two “bar” products in one day, but the cafeteria didn’t have fat-free milk so I skipped cereal.)
(around 1300 calories, if I remember correctly)

As you can see, not a perfect diet, even today, but it’s so much better than it was. I eat much more good protein, much better carbs, and a fraction of the fat I used to. I’m very pleased with my progress and looking forward to continuing changes for the better.

I think I’ve mentioned before something an ex-manager used to say frequently: “Don’t let best get in the way of better.” There are a lot of “right” things about striving for perfection, but we are all human. We will fail, and we will often do it spectacularly. If we’re lucky, we’ll learn from it, but sometimes the only thing we can do is get past it. We will know we have truly grown if, after one of those oops! moments we sometimes have, we refocus on this fundamental truth: We don’t have to be the best. We just have to be better.

(All my own widdle opinion, of course.)

Wishing all of you a better tomorrow! :)