A Nice Surprise…Forwarded

Today was rocking along fairly nicely, even after my workout, and I was counting it as an okay Monday. When I arrived home and began checking my email, the day moved from “okay” to “fantastic”!

It seems the lovely Ready Maid awarded me a “Nice Matters Award!” And then she wrote some beautiful and heart-warming things about me, things that made me blush. Thank you again, RM!

Hanlie, in bestowing upon Ready Maid her award, said this about her: “She’s such an interesting and courageous person and I love reading about her life and travels.”

I agree, and I’ll add generous and compassionate to go with it.

Now that I’ve basked for a moment or two, I’ll follow Ready Maid’s generous gesture of “paying it forward” and honor these bloggers for being “nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world”:

Krissie, who has such a sweet and resilient spirit and is stronger than she knows;

Andrew, who lets me hang out at his blog even though I’m not a runner and shows up here frequently to give my spirits a boost;

Valerie, whose sense of humor rocks alongside her introspective wanderings;

and Sybil, who ponders things so I don’t have to and then writes about them so eloquently.

I’d better stop there, though I could easily and happily go through my bookmarks and list so many more. But that would be greedy and unfair to the honorees, who may want to pass the award along to a few people themselves.

I appreciate ALL of you so much more than I could ever adequately express in black and white.