On Motivation

I took this afternoon off for some de-cluttering. I hauled off 3 more bags of clothes that didn’t fit, and four boxes of…stuff. More is going out the door tomorrow. ::pats self on back::

Anyway, during my breaks this afternoon I caught up on non-HYC feeds, and I found this gem on motivation from Dumb Little Man. Two points, specifically, jumped out at me:

“When you are motivated by things, ideas, the future, or other goals, your success is dependent on those things. “


“If you are motivated by a desire to improve yourself, you will always be accomplishing—it will be an ongoing process.”

Wow. So true, and probably the reason I’ve recorded some successes with this life change thing. Before, my motivation to lose weight was to be thin. Following a “diet” or exercise plan wasn’t success. Losing any amount of weight wasn’t success. Being thin was the only indicator of success, and I was a long, long way from thin.

Now, my motivation is to be healthier and more fit, to be able to participate in physical activities, to reduce my blood pressure, to build stronger bones and muscles. And yes, one motivation is to be–no, not thin– but, thinner, because thinner in my case translates to healthier.

When I think of it like that, I can see success all around me. It’s fruits and veggies galore in my kitchen, with nary a Little Debbie in sight. It’s the stack of workout clothes on the shelf in my closet. It’s there every time I go to the gym or the training studio, and every time I drink another glass of water. It’s a reduced dosage on my BP medicine and a doctor considering dropping the prescription entirely. It’s size 10 pants on a body that wore size 22 last year. I can even see success on my beloved iPhone, where I’ve placed a bookmark on the main screen with a link to calorie-count.com. (In less than 5 seconds, I can order a healthier meal in any restaurant! LOL)

With this New! and Improved! motivation (so much better than the old me had), I see success everywhere! Every. Single. Day. And as DLM said, this kind of motivation never ends. There’s always something to strive for, to work toward, to feel good about! A quicker mile, another push-up, a canceled prescription. Anything, to be better than I was before, to simply improve myself.

…and Break Time is over. Back to decluttering. Wishing you a hugely successful weekend! :)