Stop the Presses: Late-breaking Development


cloud nine
–noun Informal. a state of perfect happiness (usually in the
phrase on cloud nine).
[Origin: 1955–60]

Okay, so if perfect happiness is cloud nine, I’m not sure what cloud number I’m on. Oh wait, yes I do. It’s cloud 14, or 14.7 to be precise. That, my friends, was the news I got tonight when I had a body fat check-up at the gym. A year ago my body fat was measured at 36.3% and tonight it’s 14.7%, belly fat notwithstanding.

Color me happy.

And proud.

Now seems like the perfect time to thank you all again for your tremendous support. Most of us didn’t “meet” until January, but that was a bit of a blessing, I think. Getting to know all of you kept me focused and committed through the ugliness of winter. I appreciate you all so very much!