Tour de Subdivision

Score! I have a bicycle. It’s a Specialized Expedition Sport ’08 in titanium finish. I added a rack and a small computer thingie to it that keeps track of trip mileage, total mileage, miles per hour, etc. I think it even provides a horoscope. :)

I took my shiny new bike out in the subdivision this afternoon, not venturing too far because I don’t have a helmet yet. I’ll fix that tomorrow. I still won’t stray too far from home, though, because my technique needs a little work. I’m a tad wobbly and I can’t seem to stand up to peddle when it would be helpful. I’ll practice amongst my neighbors first before venturing out into the general population.

The day was so-o-o busy! I spent longer at the church rummage sale than I intended. No one recognized me, which is partially because they’re an elderly congregation with poor eyesight and memories (I see most of them once a year), but also because of the weight loss. One woman who grew up with my father and his sisters says I look like my Aunt Betty. Fortunately I adored Aunt Betty, so it was a huge compliment.

One small irony about the rummage sale: I’ve been attending for about five years and NEVER have they had clothing in my size. This year, of course, there was an entire table of plus size clothes. LOL Oh well, I still found a couple of tops in my new size, as well as a few other items. My total purchase cost was $2.00. I love this sale!!

After a stop at McD’s for a yogurt parfati, it was on to Macy’s, since they opened TWO HOURS before Dillard’s. I found three shirts in the Liz Claiborne section within minutes. They were on sale and tax free, so I used all my remaining gift cards and headed out the door. Well, almost out the door. I stumbled into this new section of the store featuring LUSH skin & hair care products, which I’d never heard of before. Most of their products are entirely natural and vegetarian-friendly, with many of them being vegan-safe. I can’t wait to try out the shampoo, conditioner, lotion & mask I bought. (Okay, so I went a little overboard. Sue me.) I’ll report back on the results.

The rest of the day was filled with chores and such. I’ll update the list tomorrow. I’m pooped!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!