Weekend Finale

Wow, what a weekend! I have overspent and am overspent.

Pouring rain today, so no bike ride. My precious new baby is NOT going to get wet this early. Plus, I don’t really think I’m ready for wet pavement. :) I did get a helmet, so Tuesday night will find me touring the subdivision again.

I did my second Elliptical 5K early, early this morning. I’m not sure how, but I cut over 1-1/2 minutes off my previous time. Today was 33:09! I suspect it was the difference in exercising early vs. after a long day at work. Anyway, I was exhausted, sweaty, and proud when I finished.

Also in favor of improved fitness today, I purchased new training shoes. These are Asics and they’re a little more flexible and have a slightly wider base, which should help on the lunges and such. And Lord knows, I need all the help with those I can get. LOL

(Yo, Andrew! Might want to move on to another blog now. :))

Now, about these Lush products. I purchased the Ultimate Shine shampoo bar and Veganese conditioner. Two thumbs up for both! (Does that require four thumbs?) My hair is really shiny and soft. I also bought the Love Lettuce facial mask, and I like the way it feels (but boy, is it cold!). I don’t suddenly look ten years younger, but my skin feels super clean.

Now to the problem product. I bought two massage bars–Wiccy Magic Muscles (of course!) and Mange Too. I tried the Wiccy one tonight, and I confess I’m sort of at a loss as to how to use it exactly. Do I rub the bar directly on my skin? Should I dampen my skin first? I’m perplexed and any hints or tips would be appreciated!

My To-do list still has a few things on it, thanks mostly to the rain. But some things that weren’t on the list got done, so I’m pleased. One big thing I did was to finalize a master list of all the remodeling/repair projects that need to be done and began prioritizing them and listing dependencies and sub-projects and such. I hope to have a loose schedule put together by the end of the week. It makes me a little tired thinking of it all, but then again, that’s why I’m committing it to spreadsheet. I’ll enjoy ticking off all those items! The tippy-toe approach to remodeling. :)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!