Weekend To-Do List

I love making lists. It helps me identify what needs to be done and develop a plan for accomplishing it. Pity making lists doesn’t actually do the accomplishing part, because that’s where I seem to have trouble.

I’ve always liked the quote: “Like actions create like results.” It’s true, and sometimes desirable, but not this weekend when I need to get quite a few things done. So I think I’ll pull out the old fitness blogger trick of stating my goals and commitments and then checking back in on Sunday evening with results.

Friday evening:
1. Workout with trainer (complete)
2. Laundry (in progress)
3. Check cabinets & fridge; Make grocery list

1. Attend church rummage sale.
2. Exercise p.m.: gym, cardio 30 minutes
3. Grocery store
4. Dillard’s (tax free weekend)
5. Bike search (two stores)
6. Clean off patio
7. Clean out storage room
8. Grout shower
9. tape off master bedroom for painting
10. Measure mailbox for replacement
11. Write 1 page of fiction

1. Exercise a.m.: gym, cardio (5k on elliptical)
2. Home Depot or Lowe’s for primer and new mailbox
3. Replace mailbox
4. Pay bills
5. Prepare 4 sets of workout clothes for following week
6. Prepare 5 outfits for work
7. Vacuum back part of house
8. Write 1 page of fiction

There, that’s competely do-able. If I find a bicycle to bring home with me, I may substitute the Saturday cardio with a bike ride.

Oh, and speaking of exercise, Swizzlepop is having a May Exercise Challenge. You might want to check it out.

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend!