Danger in the House

I’ve done it now! I just came back from the grocery store where I purchased lots and lots of fruits and veggies…and a full-size package of Guiltless Gourmet All-Natural Corn Tortilla Chips! Not a snack-size suitable for one serving only, but an huuuge 7-oz. bag! I plan to combine lots of romaine lettuce with 1/3-1/2 serving of chips, a cup of Amy’s Vegetarian Chili , and a sprinkling of low-fat cheese for a taco salad, of sorts. Oh, and possibly some Rotel tomatoes, if needed.

You know what this means, don’t you? Well, don’t you? This means that after two nights, I will have five or more servings of chips left idle in the cupboard. Open chips! Me, separated from the clutches of sublime crunchiness by a flimsy plastic chip clip. These will be treacherous days ahead.


Okay, not really. If the chips prove troublesome, I’ll put them on the kitchen counter at work and they’ll disappear in minutes. It’s just much more dramatic this way. :)

In other news, I bent to the pressure of Irish Mom, DaDiva’s Street, and Diet Book and joined the Woman Challenge. Since I’m already exercising six days a week, this doesn’t require anything extra, other than a need to log my time. We’re doing something similar to this at work for the next six weeks, so why not. I logged 45 minutes of walking today.

And finally, a reminder: tomorrow is the second installment of Makeover Monday. This week, the focus will be on a part of the body. Well, I guess it’s really two parts.

How’s that for tantalizing? LOL Stay tuned. :)

Have a nice week everyone!