Have Shoes, Will Travel

The really cool thing about walking as exercise is that you can do it just about anywhere. Take today, for example. I was in the middle of errands and I passed a pretty little park.

Hmm, I thought, I should plan to walk there someday. My toes were fairly wiggling in my shoes at the prospect. As I was pulling away from the corner stop sign, I realized that the shoes being subjected to all that wiggling were my walking shoes. My iPod shuffle was in my purse. I had nowhere to be for another hour. In less than a minute, I had successfully made a U-turn, parked the car, and was approaching the trail.

It’s a nice little walk, about a 1/2 mile of crushed rock. Most of it is wooded, but there are a couple of short stretches of open field. I plan to take the bike there tomorrow as part of a longer ride.

Today’s bike ride was cancelled due to excessive auto traffic in the neighborhood. It seems the annual neighborhood rummage sale was today, and I didn’t really feel my navigational skills were up to dodging bunches of folks hopping in and out of cars to drive another 500 feet for the next sale. The thought of all those car doors popping open gave me the jitters.

I passed on the rummage sales, but I did make a trip to the local thrift store. I’m pleased to report that I found a pair of jeans that fit (size 10!!!) and look pretty good. They’ll look even better with my shaper shell on. I also found a top, a purse, and a small carry bag for my bike. Total cost for all: $15.09. Score!

And it’s really sad to say that the park and the thrift store were the highlights of my day. LOL A nice, boring Saturday. Those aren’t so bad every now and then!

I hope you all had a lovely day!