Makeover Monday: The Eyes Have It

This week’s Makeover Monday topic is right in front of your very eyes. That’s right, we’re looking at eye wear. And just in time to pick up some snazzy new sunglasses for summer!

A few months ago, I was reading in bed and my glasses slid right off my nose! I pushed them back up but a few minutes later, they slid right back down again. This happened a couple more times, so finally I got up and checked them out in the mirror. To my surprise, there was a good half-inch gap between my face and the frame temples–a gap that didn’t exist before! The temples of my glasses used to touch my face. Holy moly! I’ve undergrown my glasses! LOL

When you lose a significant amount of weight, you expect (hope! pray!) to replace your wardrobe. You don’t always think about those other things that might have to be replaced, things like eyeglasses. But it’s entirely possible that the size and shape of your face might change as you lose weight. My “before” face was very (very) round, and now it’s…less round. I don’t know what it is, exactly, but glasses that looked good on Round Me, might not work so well on the Today Me.

Now, we all know how expensive glasses are and sunglasses aren’t far behind, so here are some tips on choosing the best eye wear for YOU.

According Vision Council of America (VCA)[via], there are three main points to consider when selecting your frames:

• The frame shape should contrast with the face shape.
• The frame size should be in scale with the face size.
Eye wear should repeat your personal best feature (such as a blue frame to match blue eyes).

There are other factors to consider as well, such as color and materials, and this link will provide more detailed assistance. If this site is correct, I’ve been wearing the wrong shape and color glasses for years. I just had my annual eye physical, and I’ll definitely be going in for new specs. It might be time for a reevaluation of my sunglasses as well.

And speaking of sunglasses, while the basic tenets of frame selection are the same as those for eyeglasses, the most important thing with sunglasses is that you wear them! They’re not just a glam accessory. Sunglasses actually provide just as much value as prescription eyeglasses by protecting your eyes from UV rays, wind, dust, and debris. They also reduce glare, which makes driving (or boating!) much safer for all of us, and makes your eyes oh so much healthier!

There are many considerations when selecting sunglasses, including lens material and lens polarization, and this link should answer almost any questions you might have.

And then there is that glam factor. Sunglasses can create an image of mystery and intrigue, especially if paired with a wide-brimmed hat (another great summer sun accessory), a look I’ve never managed to pull off successfully. I tend to look more like my grandmother headed out on a fishing trip than Audrey Hepburn meeting Cary Grant somewhere romantic. And sunny. :)

To sum up all this rambling, my basic message is that we shouldn’t forget eye wear when choosing figure-flattering accessories. Whether you’re choosing prescription eyeglasses or dazzling sunglasses, a few careful considerations will enable you to choose the styles that enhance the beautiful side of YOU.

Happy Monday, everyone!

photo by Starck Ting