On Tap for this Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!

My Cammy-Do list for the weekend is several pages long, and it’s getting off to a s-l-o-w start. My legs are just about done in from tonight’s exericse. I think I’ll do a lot of “sitting and sorting” projects tonight. :)

stairsIf I may brag just a moment, I not only walked for 30 minutes after lunging and squatting and leg-curling and mountain climbing and planking for 45 minutes, but I also challenged myself to climb these steps. I’m glad I did because it turned out they weren’t that bad–just steep. :)

As I mentioned, lots to do this weekend: gardening tomorrow, mostly cleaning out weeds and such. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll try to work in a walk, depending on how the gardening and a couple of other projects go. If I can’t fit the walk in, I’ll be more than glad to count several hours of vigorous yard work as my Daily Do.

On Sunday, I hope to start the day with a 10-mile bike ride. I also hope to primer and paint one bedroom wall to make sure I like the color once it dries. (Lessons learned) And maybe while the paint dries, I can finally replace my ratty mailbox. Hmm, now that I think about it, a coat of paint for it would be a good thing too.

Monday’s exercise will be with the trainer and probably the same park I went to tonight. If the Sunday painting happens, I’ll continue that project on Monday. Plus, as always, there’s laundry and such to be completed.

I kind of wish I hadn’t typed all that out. I feel myself fading already! Uh-oh, this calls for a motivation/reward plan, and I think I’ll use reading your blogs during my rest breaks as a reward! That will inspire me!

Now I jut have to figure out how to keep myself from just sitting here and doing that all day long anyway. :)

A safe and happy Memorial Day to all!