Rolling Along

My bike and I went to lunch today. Nowhere fancy, just Subway. Not the Subway across the street, mind you, but the one 3.5 miles away. My bike and I found every single hill between here and there, hills that I would swear aren’t there when I drive down the same streets in my car. What a workout! Seven miles later, my legs were screaming. And that was with a break for lunch.

Wanting to spend as little time as possible on busy roads, I mapped a meandering route through various subdivisions. I get really nervous (and unsteady) when I hear a car approaching from behind and riding on less-traveled roads seemed the way to go. Even so, I had to hit a major thoroughfare for about 50 yards. It was the fastest I’ve pedaled yet! Fortunately for me, no cars passed me for the duration.

I also completed the second day of my Exercise Challenge. We voted to work on core this month, and my core appreciates it. Since this is in addition to my 3-a-week workouts with the trainer, I’m starting out sort of easy. Today I did 4 30-second planks and one for a full minute, 3 sets of 15 bridge lifts, 3 sets of 10 reverse crunches, and 3 sets of 15 regular crunches. Add that in to the 50 minute bike ride and I came up with 60 minutes of exercise today. That pushes me over the 2500 minute mark for exercise again and you know what that means: Cake Day!

Tomorrow I have to work late so I’ll miss my workout with the trainer. I’ll also miss my weigh-in, so I’ll have to wait for Wednesday to see if I squeezed any mercy from the scale this week. If I get off work in time, I’m going for a walk around the neighborhood. I have a pretty decent 3-mile walk mapped out. I wonder how many surprise hills it has. I’m not going to try any strength training without the trainer. I’m having a little bit of knee pain and some slight swelling, so I think it might be wise to leave the squats and lunges alone for the time being. I’ll do another core workout instead.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy week!