Sharing the Love

Before I do anything else, let me first report that I’ve been a bad, bad blogger! In posting the Pumpkin Spice Cake/Bar recipe, I failed to give credit to the source! **Gasp** I apologize to SHESCRAFTY at Sparkpeople Recipes for the oversight.

Some interesting links I’ve come across lately:

From Dumb Little Man, one of my favorite blogs, this link will have you thinking twice the next time someone asks how you are and you say, “Fine.”

From the sadly neglected folks at (neglected by me, anyway), this link is useful for those who quake in their shoes at the very notion of eating healthy at a fast food restaurant.

In this link, from dietriffic, you can find a checklist of habits that might be interfering with your fitness efforts. Practical stuff most of us know, but it might be useful for a review.

And last but not least, another one from Dumb Little Man. For those of us who struggle with junk food and sodas, this link has a tippy toe approach to conquering those addictions that just might work.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and for those of you traveling on this (U.S.) holiday weekend, please drive safely! And don’t forget the sunscreen!