Strategies for Success and Other Useful Links

Happy Friday to all…

Some Sparkpeople articles are sort of ho-hum, but I received one today that had me doing the “yesssss!” thing. Titled “5 Secrets of the 5%: What You Can Learn From Successful Dieters“, the article summarizes into just a few key points the success factors of the legendary 5% of dieters [their term, not mine] who lose their weight and keep it off. What’s especially neat about it is that the content reflects what many of us post about on a regular basis. Quick peek:
1) Make it public
2) Pay attention
3) Enjoy yourself
4) Make gradual changes
5) Allow yourself to fail

I’m definitely printing this one out for when I lose my way.

Another great link I found today was Prevention Magazine’s My Walking Maps. I’ve got a couple of routes planned for bike riding this weekend, weather permitting.

Finally, just for kicks and giggles, this link from Jonathan Fields, Awake @the Wheel.

Believe it or not, that’s all Chatty Cammy has for today. I hope you all have a healthy, happy weekend!