An Uneventful Bike Ride

The ten-mile bike ride was completed early this morning, and I’m pleased to report that my lifesaving skills were not required today.

I set out at 6:20 a.m. and arrived at McDonald’s 20 minutes and 2.5 miles later. With the light Sunday morning traffic, I was even able to ride on some of the busier streets. Woo-hoo! After a breakfast of Strawberry Yogurt Parfait, I set off again and rambled through a couple of nearby subdivisions. A dog gave chase at one point, but I think he saw me as a playmate, as opposed to a snack.

The only other mildly interesting event occurred when I rode up on some sort of soccer tournament for the local Hispanic and Latino teams. The colors of the team uniforms were brilliant in the early morning sunlight. I rode through the soccer park watching the various warm-up routines, but no one needed my help, so I rode on. I finished my ride at 10.3 miles, officially, and felt good.

And hungry. Very, very hungry. I made a Target run (merely as a hunger distraction, you understand), but the situation didn’t get any better. Apparently, yogurt is not enough for this chubby body when completing a 10-mile bike ride. So I had a second breakfast. Scrambled eggs and wheat toast. I was still hungry! Not just Oh this sounds good! kind of hungry, but stomach-growling I must have food!, kind of hungry. Fortunately, a friend called and distracted me with a good long conversation. And then it was lunchtime. Whew! :)

I’ll have to figure out a different way to eat on mornings when I’m riding or walking longer routes. The goal is to extend the distance, but if it also extends the caloric requirement, then I need to know how to manage that. Sounds like a trainer question to me. Or maybe a question some of you might have answers for? Pretty please?

No painting yet, due to an excessively humid spell we’re having, but I did pick up a gallon of paint to try. Maybe tonight after the threat of storms has passed. I’ve been working on other items on the Cammy-do list, primarily sweat-inducing (and swear-inducing) gardening. I’ve also worked in a pretty good nap.

Oh! Target! I meant to mention for you U.S. folks that Target has a sale on some workout wear. Lots of pretty colors in their sports-bra offerings. They’ve also got Luna Bars and Clif Bars for $5 per box for a slight savings. (I believe they offer most of the sales online as well as at stores.)

And that’s the Cammy Report. Tomorrow is a 5-mile ride early and a workout with the trainer late in the day. In between…who knows?

Hope your weekends are fun and eventful (the good kind of eventful, that is.)