Cake Day, Explained

Because a certain Someone doesn’t seem to be able to use the copy/paste feature correctly, Lynne and Sagan have asked for more info on my beloved Cake Day. (Not to worry, I’ve spoken to Someone about it and she has learned the error of her ways.)

Cake Day worked its way into my fitness plan last winter, when I had challenged myself to complete an extra 1,000 minutes of cardio (beyond my 3-a-week strength training sessions), and I was getting bored.

Plus, I really, really–I mean REALLY–wanted some cake!

I had managed to work all my other favorite foods into my eating plan by allowing myself a monthly splurge meal, but a splurge meal AND cake seemed too much for even me. So I decided to use the cardio minutes I was accumulating and use them for something besides good health and longevity. I’d use them for cake!

A tweak here and tweak there, and now the plan has me enjoying a piece of cake every 2500 cardio minutes expended. So far I’ve had two piece of cake and was }-{ that close to a third, but I had cookies instead. Which is okay in the end. I’m thinking the next Cake Day might actually be a banana split or a hot fudge sundae. It’s the spirit of the event that counts most! It’s a celebration of healthy living and joy.

I hope I’ve explained it enough. If not, let me know in the comments and I’ll respond there.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Mine started with a nap and that’s always wonderful!

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