Cookies 1, Cammy 0

I was so close. Less than 500 minutes from another Cake Day, and I blew it. The plan was to have one cookie at the staff meeting. I had three-and-a-broken-piece before the afternoon was out. They were smallish cookies (about 2 inches in diameter), but still. One cookie is a splurgette and allowable; three-and-a-bit are a full out splurge. And a splurge violates The Cake Day Covenant. Thus, the Countdown begins anew. I think I will assess myself “penalty points” by not counting tonight’s walk (post-splurge, so technically part of the new countdown) toward the new Cake Day. It’s only fair.

The cookies were delish, though. :) And thanks to Jason’s Deli Salad Bar with all their healthy options, I’m still within calories for the day. My carbs are just a teensy bit skewed.

In better news, I did something fitness-oriented at the staff meeting: I challenged my group to join the 100 push-up challenge (no one looked excited at the idea), and then I presented a challenge I call Top of the World.

Our offices are on the 6th floor of a 10 story building (7 and 11, respectively, if you count the lower level). I looked up the number of stories or story equivalents for some major landmarks around the world, and challenged the group to climb the stairs in our building and report the number of floors they’ve climbed. They’ll earn “badges” when they’ve climbed the number of stories equal to each of these landmarks. For example, when they climb 102 stories, they earn an Empire State Building Badge. We’re climbing the Eiffel Tower, the St. Louis Arch, and Mt. Everest, among others. We’re even climbing down and back up the Grand Canyon (800 stories).
We’ll see how many takers I have on any of this. If I have 10 out of 50 folks, I’ll be surprised. :)

That’s about it from my neck of the blogosphere. I’m behind on reading and commenting, but I hope to rectify that in the next hour.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and are looking forward to a great weekend!

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