An Epiphanette and Some Randomness

This doesn’t quite qualify as a full-blown epiphany, but it is a damn fine idea, if I do say so myself. You know those cable ties used for organizing computer cables? You bought them but you never managed to get around to using them so they’ve just been cluttering up a drawer for the past four or five years? Oh, c’mon. I know I’m not the only one.

Anyway, did you know these cable ties are the perfect instrument for scrunching up t-shirt sleeves? Official sleeve scrunchies are around $5/pair, while cable ties can be found for as little as $1/dozen on Amazon.

Decluttering and new fitness apparel, all in one swoop. Some days I amaze even myself.

Continuing randomness…

Trainer Kevin is off in some bodybuilding contest this weekend, so Trainer Wayne pinch hit. Ouch. Dumbell Walking Lunges, Bulgarian lunges, and a whole host of other forms of torture. I loved it. 😀 Seriously, it was a great Friday night workout. Considering that my work schedule kept me from a proper workout on Wednesday night, I’m not going to complain too loudly. Well, except to Wayne.

More randomness: Today’s DLM feed contained an interesting article: The 60-Second Guide to Healthy Living. Nothing new, but a nice checklist all the same.

Final randomness: Here’s a new trend I’m noticing in local food-type places: tip jars at the cash register! ::scratches head:: I stood in line for 10 minutes, then waited the 2 minutes it took them to slide my sandwich down the veggie line, wrap it in paper and hand it to me across the counter. And for that they want a tip? Lest you think I’m sounding miserly, I promise I’m a generous tipper in full-service restaurants and other service venues (manicurist, hair stylist, etc.) I even double tip between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I just don’t feel it necessary to tip for a 2-minute interaction in which the transactor moved a total of 3 feet. I’ll admit I’ve given into it, to some degree, by dropping the coinage from the return cup into the tip jar at my favorite Subway (they start making my turkey sandwich when I drive up!), but I’m not all that happy about it as a general trend. And so help me, if there are tip jars at the cash register at JCPenney tomorrow, I’m going to 100% online shopping. I’ll just have to learn to cook. ::shudder::

Well, I’ve zigged and zagged all over the place and made myself a little dizzy. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something along the way. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I hope yours is superb and that you have a most enjoyable weekend!