HYC Update Week 23

Happy Tuesday to all!

I was SO sure this would be a new bling week for me, but that blasted scale gave up a miserly 0.6 pounds, leaving me 0.2 lbs from 90! See, I *knew* I should’ve shaved my legs! (kidding, kidding. They’re not that bad. ::shudder::)

Ah well, what are you gonna do? Cry about it?

Oh wait, tears have weight, don’t they? Hmmm….Nah, they make me blotchy.

Big week for me this week on the fitness front. Friday is my one-year anniversary of working out with the Fitness Together folks (although I missed about two months of workouts for toe surgery and vacations) and we’re going to do an assessment, the first one I’ve had since last September. (I’m holding onto a scant hope that there will also be cake to commemorate the occasion, but considering the look I got when I suggested it, I may have to wait until Cake Day, later this month.)

The assessment consists of a weigh-in, measurements of neck, shoulders, bust, waist, arms (upper and lower), hips, thighs and calves. Since my breasts are now located where my waist was and my waist slid down to the hip area, the results should be interesting. :)

Also in the assessment is a body fat reading, a resting heart rate and a post-cardio heart rate involving step-ups, push-ups, bench presses and a flexibility test. There might be other things I’m forgetting.

And an ultraslim possibility of cake.

Other than that, it will be another ordinary (and hot!) week for me. Hope you’re all having a magnificent week! That’s my wish for you, anyway.