HYC Update Week 25

Remember the 2.8 lbs I lost last week? Gone, all gone. Thanks so much, Mother Nature.

No tangible (or formerly tangible) reason for the gain, so it should come right back off. Nothing to do but wait.

::drums fingers on desktop::

Or, I suppose I could pretend I’m having a dress rehearsal for future years. What am I going to do a year from now, or two years from now, if/when a weekly weigh-in has a similar result?

Same thing I’m doing this week. Nothing. :)

If this sort of gain doesn’t come right back off, or even worse, if there’s another gain in a second week, then I’ll start logging what I’m eating and look back through the little desk calendar where I jot a note about my daily exercise (aka The Cake Day Countdown Diary.) If I see a bad pattern, I’ll break it. No pattern? Nothing to do, but continue doing the right things.

We can’t control our weight. We can control our actions.

I need that tattooed somewhere.

Hope you all had a wonderful week, full of lots of healthy choices and great decisions!