Looking to the Future

One of the things that scares intrigues me about the future is how I’ll adjust into a routine that allows the proper balance of nutrition and exercise for maintaining my weight. How many calories will I eat? How much exercise will I have to do? That sort of thing.

Today I took a step toward figuring it all out. I signed up for a class entitled “You Are What You Eat“. (In my prior life, I guess I would’ve been Little Debbie Tostito, or something like that.) According to the course description, I will learn “…about types of nutrients, how much you need, functional foods, grocery shopping, meal planning, and physical activity recommendations.” Among other things.

I probably know some of the material already (one would hope), but I figure it can’t hurt to check this thing out and, perhaps, get some one-on-one time with a nutritionist. Besides, there might be people of the m-e-n persuasion there. :)

And of course, I’ll share anything I learn! For free, too!