Makeover Monday: Healthy Travel

First, for those who asked about the Ginger Muscle Rub, the supplier is Ophelia Snodgrass Apothecary (website is in development, but there’s contact info), and the ingredients are, as described on the label, “sunflower oil, Vitamin E, raw beeswax, essential oil of Ginger root, 12 additional healing essential oils.” I think the combination of taking an unscheduled rest day and the Ginger Muscle Rub have done the trick on my ailing hamstrings. I no longer walk like Groucho Marx. :)

And now, a quick hit this week for Makeover Monday…

In a little less than two months, I’m headed off for a vacation to visit friends in Maryland and touring the Appalachians a bit. Many of you have posted recently that you’ve got vacations coming up soon, too. Thus, this Makeover Monday will focus on vacation planning.

I’m no expert, but I’d hazard a guess that many a good diet or fitness plan has been destroyed by an ill-timed vacation. Or is that just me? :) We either throw caution to the wind (especially if our focus has been to lose weight specifically for this trip) and go completely off our plans, or we set unrealistic or improbable goals for staying on track while we’re vacationing. Success, I think, lies somewhere in the middle. A little planning, coupled with a set of realistic expectations, may help us enjoy our vacations without destroying our fitness progress.

Sparkpeople offers The Healthy Vacation Guide to help us plan for the the big event. I won’t repost it here, because it’s just a click away, but I do think it makes a nice little checklist of things to at least consider before we head out for the fun and games. Sparkpeople also has some pretty good travel exercise videos up on YouTube. You might want to check them out before you go.

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed and that includes meals out, some indulgences, and some downtime to just relax. It’s possible to enjoy all of those things while still staying focused on an overall healthy lifestyle, or at minimum, not returning ourselves to square one in the process.

No matter what your summer plans, I hope they’re safe, healthy and happy.