Healthy You Challenge Week 28

If I could remember what I weighed last week, it might be easier to report how much I lost this week. I do know that the loss was just an itty-bit, mere fractions of a pound, but I’ll take it. I’m at -92 overall, which is satisfying enough.

In flipping back through my calendar, I see that I netted no loss for the past 4 weeks, and I’m a little surprised that I’m not freaked out about that. In fact, I’m thinking this might be a good thing, this “pre-maintenance” phase. After all the months of practicing for it, I’m learning that I can live like this. Eat healthy foods I like (with enough splurgettes to keep me happy) and continue to challenge myself with exercise (to balance those splurgettes.) I’d still like to lose a few more pounds, but if I don’t, I like where I am okay.

And that’s it for me, this week. I hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to another great one ahead!