HYC Update – Week 30

Another good week. Survived my workouts (with only a couple of new bruises to show for it), ate mostly healthy stuff (one cookie), and met Laurie Notaro. Life is good.

Oh, that reminds me. Add ‘Scored cheap Life is Good t-shirt on e-bay’ to the list. I only discovered the Life is Good brand last year (I live in a cave) and hadn’t seen this one in the stores. So cute.

And headed to my mailbox.

The scale caught up with me this week, and I lost two entire pounds in one week. No fractions, no smidgens, no itty bits. Whole pounds. Ahhh. Pardon me while I bask, because who knows what the damn thing will do next week. If it’s kind, I will get another 0.6 pound loss and get new bling, but alas, it is outside my control. My job is to do and to record. And to move on. :)

Only one new thing on the agenda. I joined Diet Book’s Labor Day Challenge. I’m copycatting V. and adding in yoga practice to my schedule. I’m shooting for twice this week, and there’s no really good reason to think I won’t do it.

I hope you all had a splendid week!