If you live anywhere near me, take my advice and RUN!!! I’m grumpy with a capital GRUMP this evening, and I have no idea why. I had a rather bland (and enjoyable) day: a 1-hour zoo walk this morning, Target run, nap, Best Buy (bought a new flat screen TV for my home office as a reward for…well, I’ll think of something), then to the gym for a 30-minute bicycle ride, and then the grocery store. Somewhere between the gym and the grocery store, I did my Incredible Hulk thing and turned into a raving lunatic. I swear it must have been “Stop my car/cart right in front of Cammy Day”, because every time I turned around I was being boxed in by someone. Then, worst of all, Kroger doesn’t seem to carry melba toast! What the heck kind of grocery store doesn’t carry melba toast?!! Sheesh!

Okay, rant over (and I thank you for sticking it out.) Time for the real purpose of my post: the sharing o’the links! I stayed in last night and finally got caught up with my Google Reader. Well, except for the technology folder and that one I don’t mind catching up on at work. Thought I would share some of the more interesting articles I found:

From The Office Diet: The Unwritten Rules of Office Food
I must say these are definitely true of my workplace. The food “noise” and aromas are two of my biggest irritants. Burnt microwave popcorn will stink up the office for days. Fortunately, the person who burned it most frequently has transferred out of the office.

From the fine folks at Lifehacker, this article: Calm Your Fears to Avoid Late-night Eating. This is one that hits me where I live.

Alex Shalman, guest blogging on zenhabits, theorizes on why it’s not our fault we’re overweight. He makes some interesting (and accurate) points, but it’s still within our power to change, IMO. He offers some rather run-of-the-mill ideas on that, too.

Since I turn 50 in a month, this article from Dumb Little Man on how to shed 10 years off my age caught my eye. I’m going to try a couple of these, I think, and a couple others I’m already doing. If these don’t work collectively, I think I’ll just take the easy way and lie about my age.

Green link: TipNut shared 12 Ways to Reuse Newspaper around the House.

Some frozen treats for the hot summer days: Margarita Ice Pops from epicurious (via TipNut) or these treats from Lifehacker.

And finally, my favorite link of all, Jonathan Fields, Awake @ the Wheel, wrote this brilliant little piece of prose. I’ll be reading this one to the woman in the mirror every morning. She needs to hear it now and then. :)

All right, I’m off to soak my feet…and possibly, my head. Grocery store trip aside, I had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you did too!