Lucky Sunday

Pausing between morning walk and errands to wish you all a happy Sunday!

I’ve had a good weekend. Yesterday, I returned to the scene of Friday’s crime and worked out on the elliptical machine at the gym. It was soooo humid outside, plus I wanted to watch Property Ladder on TLC. :) I did 5k on the elliptical in about 32 minutes, which is a pretty good time for me. I also did some ab crunches on the ball. Decent workout day.

This morning I had an amazing walk! Not the time or distance, those were fairly sluggish, but the temp starting out was low 70s, the sun was shining, birds were singing–perfect walk setting. I walked a 5k in about 57 minutes. I think I did not allow enough time for my legs to recover from the elliptical yesterday. Oh well, it was a great walk anyway.

One thing I realized (yet again) as I walked is what a privilege it is to exercise. As much as we bitch about it, we’re really lucky to have the capacity for it. So many people don’t. And as I was obsessing (I can walk and obsess at the same time–I’m talented that way) about my saggy knee skin jiggling beneath the hem of my shorts, it occurred to me that there are probably more than a few amputees out there who would be thrilled to have my knees. Same with my sagging other parts. I’m damned lucky to have all my parts and never had to suffer the ravages of chemo/radiation or the pain of reconstructive surgery. Too many people didn’t draw that card. So this morning I walked with purpose, a sense of obligation to do it for the people who can’t and to acknowledge the gift of having all my working parts in tact, and while I walked, I remembered a proverb, or saying, I read many years ago:

I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.

I’m off to continue my day now, feeling stronger and blessed with so much good fortune that it’s almost painful to bear. I wish for you the same, minus the pain. :)